Prince William Addresses Kate Middleton Pregnant Bikini Photos

February 15, 2013 By:
Prince William Addresses Kate Middleton Pregnant Bikini Photos
Image By: Splash News

Yesterday, photos of Kate Middleton in a bikini and sporting a baby bump hit the Internet. Now the sh*t hits the fan. 

Prince William was also in the photos, shirtless to be exact, but we weren’t super concerned with his topless torso.  It was all about Kate’s baby bump.

Anyways, the Royals are pissed.

A royal source (they have those, apparently) told The Standard that William felt “violated” and “very bruised” by the photos. Hmm, violated and bruised…not exactly the words we’d use to describe a photo scandal, but sure.

William was also reportedly “deeply disappointed” and said that the photo leak “is an irritation.”

Notice how differently British sources describe things compared to American sources? If this were an American photo scandal, the “source” would have said, “Will and Kate are totally surprised that this happened. They are pissed. Kate doesn’t even want to go on vacation anymore if this keeps happening.”

That’s just the gist of it.

However, William can’t take legal action like he did with the topless photos, because the couple were on a public beach surrounded by pedestrians.

The original source that ran the photos, UK tabloid Woman’s Day, wouldn’t disclose how much they paid for the photos but did say that the photographers could make about $350,000 if they syndicate the photos.