Prince Harry’s Near-Death Experience Revealed

September 5, 2013 By:
Prince Harry’s Near-Death Experience Revealed

Prince Harry had a brush with danger on the battlefield last year.

In a new GQ article, it was revealed that the royal had to be rushed to a “secure location” following a Taliban attack during his tour in Afghanistan.

Last year, in September 2012, 15 armed Taliban rebels, dressed as U.S. military soldiers, attacked a British base where Harry was staying with a unit of other soldiers. Eight aircrafts were terrorized and the total damage rounded up to $200 million.

At the time, Taliban spokespeople claimed that they specifically targeted that base because of Harry’s presence—it was an attempt to assassinate the third in line to the British crown.

Now new details have emerged about that scary incident concerning how Harry was taken out of harm's way during the attack and that he was in no immediate danger.

“He wasn’t close to the attack,” a military rep said.

The British Ministry of Defense also weighed in on the situation, saying that it was appropriately “dealt with.”