Paris Jackson Rejected From Rehab Facility

July 2, 2013 By:
Paris Jackson Rejected From Rehab Facility

This is really sad. Paris Jackson has been desperately trying to find a rehab center to attend, because doctors at the UCLA medical center where she’s currently staying don’t trust her on her own, but she just got rejected from one of the few adolescent rehab centers in the country.

Paris’ mom Debbie Rowe wants her to attend this rehab center in Utah that specializes in teens, but they rejected Paris’ application because they didn’t want to deal with the paparazzi issue that Paris might bring with her.

Why can’t Paris just go home? Because the docs are seriously afraid she’ll actually kill herself if she goes home so she needs to go to rehab as there’s nowhere for her to stay at the current hospital. They have her posted up in the wing that treats eating disorders and Paris doesn’t have an eating disorder.

Doesn’t the Utah facility realize that paparazzi is free publicity? Let Paris in! Let Paris in!