Crazed Fan Breaks Into P.Diddy's Home, Eats His Food, Wears His Clothes

April 13, 2012 By:
Crazed Fan Breaks Into P.Diddy's Home, Eats His Food, Wears His Clothes

Occupy Diddy.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was surprised to find that some dude had been sleeping in his bed, eating his food, and drinking his booze.

30 year-old Quamine Taylor busted into Diddy’s mansion on April 1, and then made himself at home. The guy took a train from New York City, and then a cab, to get to Combs’ pad. This guy must be a real mastermind to get past all that security, right? Naw, the basement door was unlocked.

Taylor was in Diddy’s mansion for 24 hours before he was finally caught. He tripped an alarm, and when Diddy’s security showed up, he said he had permission to stay there.

The worst part—the alarm company and police officer who originally showed up bought the story. It wasn’t until a caretaker arrived later that day and called the cops that the man was arrested.

Quamine is now in the Suffolk County Jail, where he’s charged with trespassing. Diddy’s rep declined to comment.

This isn’t even the first time this has happened to Diddy. Back in 2001, a trespasser decided to lounge poolside at the rapper’s home. When security showed up, he convinced them he was Diddy’s cousin.

Who are these security guards? It’s harder to get into Chateau Marmont than it is Puff Daddy’s house.

Celine Dion is another celebrity who’s had a squatter. A man was arrested after breaking into Celine’s Montreal home. He drew a bath for himself and then helped himself to some pastries in her fridge.