Oprah Is Still The Highest Paid Celebrity

August 29, 2012 By:
Oprah Is Still The Highest Paid Celebrity

Even though she ditched her daily talk show and the OWN network isn’t taking off like she thought, Oprah is still the highest paid celebrity of this last year. According to Forbes, and Forbes’ only profession is counting cash so we think they are pretty damn accurate, Oprah is the top earning celebrity.

Oprah earned approximately $165 million between May 2011 and May 2012 making her the top earner for the fourth year in a row!

Following behind Oprah a mere $5 million short, “Transformers” director Michael Bay came in second proving that people really love action romance flicks starring Shia LaBeouf. Who knew? Michael Bay earned about $160 million.

No surprise that Mr. Steven Spielberg made the top 5 this year, sitting in third place with $130 million thanks to his executive producer role on shows like “Terra Nova” and “Smash.”

Proving that it pays to actually be behind the camera, Jerry Bruckheimer who produces all the “Pirates of the Caribbean” flicks raked in $115 million.

Surprisingly, Dr. Dre made the top 5, not because he’s producing music that much anymore, but his line of headphones “Beats by Dr. Dre” contributes nearly 90% of his income putting him at $110 million.

Top 20 Highest-Paid Celebrities

1) Oprah $165 million

2) Michael Bay $160 million

3) Steven Spielberg $130 million

4) Jerry Bruckheimer $115 million

5) Dr. Dre $110 million

6) Tyler Perry $105 million

7) Howard Stern $95 million

8) James Patterson $94 million

9) George Lucas $90 million

10) Simon Cowell $90 million

11) Glenn Beck $80 million

12) Elton John $80 million

13) Tom Cruise $75 million

14) Dick Wolf $70 million

15) Rush Limbaugh $69 million

16) Manny Pacquiao $67 million

17) Dr. Phil $64 million

18) Donald Trump $63 million

19) Ryan Seacrest $59 million

20) Britney Spears $58 million