10 Stars That Struggled to Find Fame

July 6, 2013 By:
10 Stars That Struggled to Find Fame

Everyone in Hollywood will tell you how they faced years of rejection and failed auditions before they finally made it big. But those guys know NOTHING about the struggle that these 10 stars went through.

Oprah: After enduring years of sexual abuse as a child and finally moving away to live with her dad, Oprah pulled her act together and became the world class act we know and love today.

JK Rowling: JK Rowling was a single mom trying to support herself and her daughter while living off welfare. One day she wrote the first Harry Potter book and boom, the rest is history.

Hilary Swank: When Swank was 15, she and her mom moved to LA to pursue her acting career. But they couldn’t afford to live anywhere, so they lived out of their car while Swank was running around town going to acting auditions and calling her agent from pay phones.

Tim Allen: Tim’s dad was killed by a drunk driver when he was only 11. Tim also went to prison for several years for dealing drugs when he was caught with a pound and a half of cocaine. He got out of prison, refined his standup act and never looked back.

Jon Hamm: Not necessarily a struggle…but Jon moved out to LA with nothing but his old beat-up car. He didn’t get a single acting audition for nearly a decade and worked on the sets of softcore p*rn flicks to make ends meet.

Steve Jobs: After dropping out of school, doing lots of drugs, knocking up his high school girlfriend and then denying paternity of his daughter for four years, Steve Jobs created Apple, was edged out of the company, only to eventually make his way back to the tech giant and turn it into what we know it as today.

Fergie: Fergie was addicted to meth for many years during her rise to fame. She left the girl band Wild Orchid and picked up a crystal meth habit. Meth isn’t your typical party drug, less than 1% of meth users ever get clean. 

Jewel: Before Jewel “made it” she was living out of her VW van. “I was homeless when I was 18,” Jewel once famously said. On the bright side, those VW vans are pretty spacious.

Jim Carrey: Jim Carrey lived in a tent in the backyard of his older sisters home, Patricia Carrey. Actually he, his brother, sister and parents all lived in a tent in Patricia’s backyard.

Daniel Craig: Way before he was smoldering as James Bond, he was sleeping on a park bench in London and totally homeless. Hottest homeless man ever.