One Directions Fans Camp Out For Five Days!

November 13, 2012 By:
One Directions Fans Camp Out For Five Days!


I thought Twihards were crazy devoted, but One Direction fans have Twilight fans beat in terms of obsessive idolation.

Thousands of pre-teen 1D fans have been camping out for five days on the cold streets of New York City just to see their idols in concert.

I’m talking 13-year-old girls just lying on the side of New York streets like homeless people.

The line extended from 48th to 52nd street and became so chaotic that is was blocking bus lanes and making traffic worse.

The girls (and probably a handful of dudes, no judging) camped out from Thursday to Monday, but by Monday it had gotten so bad that security guards told everyone to go home and come back at 2am, just hours ahead of the Today show concert.

Apparently the fans could mark their spot on line with black marker, so no chaos would ensue. 

One security guard said they shut down the line because they couldn’t let it go all the way to Central park and “now they are starting to block the bus lane.”

One girl whose jaw was recently wired shut still camped out and said “my dad’s here with me because he was afraid I was going to get punched in the face.”

Wait, what!? Priorities, people!

Her rationale for putting her health at risk? “If anything happened, we’re right across the street from a drug store.”

Oh ok, that makes sense now. Carry on with your poor-decision-making 1D'ers!