One Direction Banned From Eating Junk Food

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One Direction Banned From Eating Junk Food
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No dessert until after you finish your dinner? How about no dessert at all!

One Direction has been banned from eating junk food while on tour. But, despite the images of five over-hyper teens bouncing off the walls from one too many Hershey’s Kisses that comes to mind, it’s actually for a much more adult kind of reason.

During a live chat with fans on Twitter, Morgan Spurlock, who directed Supersize Me and will be helming the band’s upcoming 3D film, This is Us, said the boys were ordered no more junk food to stay in proper touring shape.

“They love eating McD in front of me,” said Spurlock, nodding to his documentary where he ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days. “On the new tour they have a trainer who’s keeping them off the Big Macs.”

The intense dieting regimen is bound to have some results that fans will want to glimpse close-up. No problem!

“[There are] more shirtless moments than you can imagine,” said Spurlock. “Now how many of those make it into the final film we’ll have to wait and see.”

This is Us also promises to pack a few heartfelt moments into the three-dimensional mix, too.

“I think fans may shed a tear or two while watching. We spend a lot of down time with the band, with their families and friends,” the director added. “We really wanted you to see what their ‘normal’ lives are like.”

The film arrives in theaters August 30 of this year.