Harry Styles Credit Card Declined Buying His Own Album

November 14, 2012 By:
Harry Styles Credit Card Declined Buying His Own Album

Well this is awkward…

Harry Styles—arguably the most dreamy of the One Direction five-piece ladycrushing battalion—has apparently run out of funds in what you would think to be his bottomless bank account.

The singer’s credit card was declined while trying to purchase an iTunes copy of an album. And not just any album, mind you, HIS album—One Direction’s sophomore release Take Me Home to be exact.

Following the bizarre event, Harry felt the need to share it with his 8 million followers, tweeting, “Soooo... I went to download our album this morning. And my card got declined.”

Now, this raises a couple of questions: First—and most obvious—why is Harry out money? And second, why the hell does he have to buy his own album?

The group’s puppet master Simon Cowell has been known to run a pretty tight ship. The group did, after all, half-heartedly admit the V-necked pop music king pin paid them in candy.

“Simon Cowell is tight. That's why he's so successful — he's able to keep his money to himself,” Niall Horan previously said in an interview. “We're paid in jelly beans."

But forcing the boys to coin up and purchase their own music? Damn, Simon…that’s just cruel.

A more logical explanation is that little Harry has been going a little too “crazy, crazy, crazy” with his bloated credit card limit.

And an even more logical explanation is that it was just a banking glitch that has likely been sorted out by now all of these words you just read was just me entertaining you.

Hope you had fun…Byeeeeee.