Nicole Richie to Guest Star on the 'The New Normal'

October 1, 2012 By:
Nicole Richie to Guest Star on the 'The New Normal'

Is Ryan Murphy just giving away roles to all his D-list reality friends now?

Following the addition of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes, “The New Normal” creator has unveiled his newest cast member and it’s a name you may have heard before… Nicole Richie.

Yup… You heard it right, Hollyscoopers!

In true Ryan Murphy form, the announcement came in the form of a tweet along with the message that he was “proud to welcome” Richie to the show.

George Takei - for all you non-Trekkies out there – is best known for his long term role as Hikaru Sulu, a.k.a. the helmsman of the USS Enterprise, on the “Star Trek” television series.

And, while he has actual acting experience on his resume, the Takei half of the announcement is likely falling into the shadow of Richie, who is best known for doing as little as possible on “The Simple Life.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the high profile casting choices seem to be paying off. The 5.2 million viewers tuned into the show last week.

The source also confirms that Richie and Takei will not be acting on the NBC comedy series, but instead be playing themselves.

This isn’t the first time that Murphy has added outside celebs to his casts, either.

In addition to Richie and Leakes, the multitasking show creator has included the likes of Adam Levine on “American Horror Story,” as well as Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker on “Glee.”