Bra Boys Hits Hollywood

April 8, 2008 By:
Bra Boys Hits Hollywood

The stars came out last night for the film premiere of Bra Boys in Hollywood. Adrian Grenier, Nicky Hilton were just to name a few that viewed the highest grossing Australian documentary and winner of the 2008 X-Dance Film Festival.

The documentary describes World-class surfing and archival footage, along with an against-all-odds story. Bra Boys depicts the history of surfers from inner-Sydney suburb Maroubra Beach and the extreme hardship they endure from childhood.

Directed by Sunny Abberton who also stars in the film, this documentary has gotten the attention of producer Brian Grazer. There is talks that Grazer will produce a fact-based drama based on the documentary.

Don’t be surprised if you hear a familiar voice narrating the film, its Oscar winner Russell Crowe. Crowe will make his directorial debut with the film scheduled for late 2008 release as well. Bra Boys doesn’t hit theatres until April 11, 2008 until then, check out the movie trailer below.