9 Celebrities Who Took a Break From Hollywood for Politics

March 24, 2013 By:
9 Celebrities Who Took a Break From Hollywood for Politics

Celebrities slapping their recognizable names onto something—a cold beverage, diet pills, clothing from K-Mart that will disintegrate after washing it one time, anything!—is nothing new.

A celebrity dipping into politics, though, is a little out of the ordinary. And we don't mean just publicly endorsing a candidate. We mean throwing their own hat in the ring.

Here are the nine celebs who have filled out (or had their assistants fill out) all the necessary paperwork to officially run for public office…


Clint Eastwood – So that whole Clint Eastwood vs. The Chair skit didn't pan out so well for him at the Republican National Convention last year. However that doesn't erase the iconic silver screen tough guy's more successful run in the political rodeo from 1986–88. Clint got down and dirty in Carmel, California as the city's mayor, eviscerating his opponent by receiving almost three-quarters of the vote.

Jesse Ventura – With a political career to rival his wrestling career, Jesse started as the mayor of Minnesota's Brooklyn Park in the early '90s, eventually rising to governor of Minnesota in the early '00s. He retired from politics, taking his critical thinking and outspokenness to a series of successful books.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The candidacy that looked like it was pulled straight from a satirical comedy, except it was REAL LIFE. That wasn't a special effect, that's actually Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger running for Governor of California in the recall election of 2003. Like any of his action movies, whether you wanted a sequel or not, he won a second term in 2006.


Gary Coleman – The late Gary also ran in 2003 for California Governor. However, he was on the same ballot as Arnold Schwarzenegger, so we all know how this story ended.

Jerry Springer – Jerry had a hit-or-miss career in politics, similar to the punches thrown on his own wild talk show. After Robert Kennedy was assassinated, Jerry ran for Congress in 1970, but lost. He did have runs on the Cincinnati City Council a year later and won a stint as Governor of Ohio in 1977.

Wyclef Jean – Wyclef's wasn't technically a loss, but his ambitions to be the President of Haiti were left unrealized when he was disqualified by Haitian election officials in 2010 because he wasn't a resident of the country.


Ashley Judd – Ashley's been hinting at a run for office in the coal county of her home state of Kentucky. Apparently, she's exploring her campaign options for 2014 within the U.S. Senate.

Fran Drescher – Fran thinks that Capitol Hill needs a nanny and if anyone fits the bill it's her. The '90s sitcom star has spoken out about her considerations for public office saying she's interested in how she can serve the forum.

Nick Jonas – This idea won't even be close to fruition until the year 2040, but Nick Jonas has admitted to his White House aspirations. The Jonas Brothers band mate said he wants to run for President one day—a zeal that was the inspiration for his solo band's name "Nick Jonas & the Administration."