‘Teen Wolf’ Star’s Surprising Former Career Revealed

July 15, 2013 By:
‘Teen Wolf’ Star’s Surprising Former Career Revealed

If you already own the box sets of "Teen Wolf" and watch every episode into the wee hours after midnight, then Sinqua Walls needs no further introduction.

But for those of you still getting acquainted with the program, Sinqua plays Vernon Milton Boyd IV on the paranormal MTV hit, a member of Derek’s wolf pack.

Considering his former career, the acrobatic role was practically destined for one “Teen Wolf” co-star in particular: Tyler Hoechlin.

In an exclusive Twitter Q&A with OK! Magazine, Sinqua talks about an incident where Tyler basically “put him to shame” during one of the show’s many choreographed fight scenes involving very technical wirework thanks to Tyler's surpising former career as a what, gymnast?

Watch the full interview at OK! Magazine.