Sierra Blanca, Texas: Unluckiest Town For Celebs

October 11, 2012 By:
Sierra Blanca, Texas: Unluckiest Town For Celebs

There’s a phenomenon sweeping Hollywood. Our celebrities continue to find themselves in a small border town in Texas called Sierra Blanca and all are getting busted for drug possession.

Rapper Nelly is the latest celeb to get pulled over for drug possession in Sierra Blanca. Last night, police officers searched his tour bus and found 36 small baggies of heroin (.64 ounces) and 10 pounds of marijuana!

They also found a .45 caliber pistol. First of all, DAYUMMM. Second of all, Nelly still makes music?

Texan law enforcement sources told Hollyscoop that Nelly was detained until a guy on the tour bus named Brian Keith Jones admitted the drugs and the gun were his. He has since been arrested.

This isn’t the first celebrity to get busted in this small Texan town of Sierra Blanca. Fiona Apple, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson were all busted for weed possession there as well!

Fiona Apple was arrested there last month after a drug sniffing dog found some hashish on her tour bus.

Before her was The Social Network star Armie Hammer, who was passing through in his car and spent a day in jail for carrying weed.

Then there was Snoop Dogg, whose tour bus was busted for marijuana possession last year. Snoop was issued a misdemeanor drug possession and then released.

And of course, Willie Nelson, the grandfather of weed was also caught with about 6 ounces of mary-jane aboard his tour bus.

So what’s the deal with Sierra Blanca and why is it a drug death trap for celebrities?

First of all, it sits on the I-10 interstate that stretches from California to Florida, making it a common route for cross-country trips, especially for tour buses.

It’s close to the Mexico-Texas border so obviously there’s a border patrol checkpoint.

Also, Texas doesn’t think that medical marijuana cards are valid, so you can’t flash your card and get away with it.

All this being said, why the hell would you drive through Sierra Blanca, Texas if you’re A) famous and B) doing drugs?