Ann Curry Babysits During Nadya Suleman Interview

July 8, 2011 By:
Ann Curry Babysits During Nadya Suleman Interview

Nadya Suleman is scheduling interviews just to get someone to watch her kids. Nadya brought her toddler entourage with her for an interview with Ann Curry on the Today Show.

The kids were all over the place, and at one point, Curry had to rescue one of them after he fell into the Today Show backdrop. The whole scene was what I imagine hell to look like.

Suleman, who recently ranted about what assh*les her kids are, went on the show to talk about the financial burden on her huge family. Suleman says it takes $15,000 a month to support her children, and until recently, she says she was not paid for her appearances or interviews.

"I personally cannot waste my energy fixating on the past and my past choices, regardless if they were good or bad choices,” Suleman said. “Learn to grow as a result of your choices, own and accept the responsibility of your choices and look forward because if you look back, what are you going to do, stab me?"

Suleman then added, No seriously...please stab me. Get me out of this hellhole.

The doctor that did Nadya’s in vitro pregnancy has recently lost his license.

Suleman said,

“I still defend to a certain point. Because I wouldn’t have any of my children had he not invented the procedures he had invented.”

Between running after the kids and trying to talk over them, I don’t know how Ann Curry didn’t throw her papers on the floor and say “f-ck it” before quitting her job and going straight to the doctor to get her tubes tied.

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