Miranda Kerr: Yes, I'm Pregnant!

August 19, 2010 By:
Miranda Kerr: Yes, I'm Pregnant!

It's official: Miranda Kerr is expecting and almost half way through her pregnancy. Guess those shotgun rumors were true after all.

Miranda confirmed that her and new hubby Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together after quietly marrying in July.

"Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along," she told People magazine.

While the quickie wedding and pregnancy news was a shock to us, Miranda says she's always had babies on her mind.

"My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch," she told Page Six Magazine in 2008. "When this is all over, that's where I'll be. I've always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen."

Talk about being a MILF! Miranda's sure to be on every "Hot Mom" list from now on, can't wait to find out the sex of the baby! Congrats you two!