Miranda Kerr: Most Beautiful Person of 2012

April 5, 2012 By:
Miranda Kerr: Most Beautiful Person of 2012

Well, it’s official. Miranda Kerr is the most beautiful human being on the planet. At least for this year.

The 28 year-old Victoria’s Secret beauty has been given the honor of Most Beautiful Person of 2012 by Australia’s ‘Who’ magazine. She celebrated by posing for the cover with her fifteen-month old son, Flynn.

In the mag, Miranda says her family will always come before her work. She’s married to actor Orlando Bloom.

“I was working 18-hour days,” Miranda said. 18 hours of standing there and looking pretty.

“Now that pace has slowed so I can spend the majority of my time with Flynn. I’m first a wife and a mother, and then comes work.”

The model says she thinks Flynn takes after her, particularly his mischievous side.

"He's a really charming, lovely boy,” Miranda said. “He has that look in his eye like, 'What trouble am I going to get into next?' But I like that, it's like me."

Hollyscoop talked to the supermodel to see if she’s planning on expanding her family in the near future.

“Definitely not,” Miranda told Hollyscoop. “I’m really happy and I’m loving being a mom…I’m not ready for another baby just yet. I want to spend as much time with [Flynn] as I can.”

She also told us that motherhood has “changed my life in every way. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s wonderful.”

Miranda added that having a baby has brought her and Orlando closer together.