Celebrity Mother’s Day Plans Revealed

May 3, 2011 By:
Celebrity Mother’s Day Plans Revealed

You know how you’re out with friends and your mom calls, and you let it go to voicemail? Or you’re sitting at home, watching TV and your mom calls, and you let it go to voicemail?

This Sunday it’s time to make up for it. Hopefully you have flowers, lunch, or at the very least—a card and a phone call—lined up for Mom.
Hollyscoop talked to new mom Miranda Kerr, and she gave us her ideal Mother’s Day plans:

“Just to spend the day with my son and my husband, just kind of laze around and maybe have a picnic in the backyard,” Kerr said.

Looks like Orlando Bloom has it easy. Fellow Victoria’s Secret alum Alessandra Ambrosio also has a low-key day planned:

“I guess flowers are always nice. Spend the day with her, have a brunch with her, and just spend time with her and my daughter. That is the fun part about Mothers Day, to just be able to hangout with them and hug them, they do everything for us.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump, says she has minimum expectations for Mom’s Day.

“If they remember I’ll be thrilled,” Lisa told Hollyscoop.“ My children are 24 and 19 and hopefully they will come home and spend the day with me.”
Ouch, let’s hope that’s just Mom Guilt talking.

If not, Vanderpump’s kids should take some advice from Dancing With the Stars' Tony Dovolani. Hollyscoop asked Tony what he was planning for the big day, and he told us:

“Anything my wife desires every single day of the year. Moms don’t get enough credit we don’t need to dedicate one day we need to dedicate an entire year.”

Woah, let’s not get crazy, Tony. Although, there’s one thing Snoop Dogg says he gives his mom throughout the year: “Love,” Snoop told Hollyscoop.

Nice try, but you better have some flowers being sent, too.
So this Mother’s Day, think about everything you’ve put your mom through, and say “thanks for not grounding me more” by taking her to a nice brunch. After all, if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t even be here to dodge her phone calls.

Romeo put it best when he told us: “My mom is everything, that’s the person that gave birth to me. Kids always have a special bond with their mom, my mom is everything so I love you mom.”