Miley's Puppy-Love Pics

December 4, 2012 By:
Miley's Puppy-Love Pics

For those of you worried that Miley Cyrus is slowly slipping out of the realm of sanity and toward a more canine means of existence, this story will not help your concerns. 

The former Disney Channel star is continuing what has become standard with her social media existence: Sharing massive amounts of photos of her ever-increasing dog army.

Miley tweeted a photo of her and a couple of her furry pals on Monday. In the shot she lounges in a hooded sweatshirt and gives eat dog a rubdown on her lap.

“It's mommmmmmy time!!!!!!!” she captioned the photo.

Assisted by the Huffington Post’s “Ultimate Guide To Miley’s Adorable Gaggle Of Pets,” I was able to identify the pups as Loyd and Happy.

Another shot she shared on November 26 shows Loyd and Happy, along with Penny Lane and Ziggy, eating, drinking and probably stinking in unison.

Clicking through Miley’s recent photo uploads reveals more of the same: Ziggy pouts in a half-sit; Penny-Lane poses in a red holiday sweater; Floyd, Ziggy and Mary Jane all sit on her oversized couch… The list goes on and on.

If her online photo album doesn’t serve as proof that dogs have taken over Miley’s life, we just reported that she is apparently adding the “babies” to her prenuptial agreement with fiancé Liam Hemsworth

What does this all mean? Miley has forgotten her species? Does she actually think she is the mother of these dogs?

A fellow coworker might have summarized Miley’s recent life decisions best:

Looking over my shoulder where I had landed on a photo of Miley in a beanie, Converse shoes, and a jeggings-mini-skirt combo while scrubbing through her most recent Kodak moments, the coworker proclaimed: “Oh my God, she’s turning into a cat [dog] lady!”