Miley Wilder Than Ever In New Video

June 19, 2013 By:
Miley Wilder Than Ever In New Video

Is there a prescription we can take to come down from Miley Cyrus’ latest music video? We’ve seen our fair share of Ke$ha videos, so we’re pretty accustomed to crazy white girls, but Miley’s video makes us want to take a shower in iodine.

You cannot easily forget Miley in white leggings grinding on a gross motel bed. **Shudders**

In the video Miley twerks. She goes swimming in a sheer bathing suit. She makes a skull out of french fries. It’s basically just what happens when a bunch of stoner ratchets come home from the club, but don’t want the party to end.

If your children are Miley fans, now is the time to turn off the Internet and play an old “Hannah Montana” DVD and tell your kids that Miley has retired.

Watch the video below and those nostalgic for “old” Miley, aka 17-year-old streetwalker Miley, check out “Can’t Be Tamed” at the end of this post.