Miley’s So Rich She Wears Cash Dresses

July 15, 2013 By:
Miley’s So Rich She Wears Cash Dresses

All I see is $igns, all I see is dollar $igns.

Miley Cyrus is so stupidly rich, she’s started wearing money.

Miley went shopping at grocery store TRADER JOE'S wearing a cash-printed crop top and matching mini skirt.

For the record, WHO wears this a) anywhere and b) specifically to Trader Joe's?

If we were browsing chocolate-covered coffee beans drizzled in pear puree at Trader Joe's and some chick walked in like Miley did, looking like an extra in a Ke$ha music video, we would throw some serious judging eyes.

Miley didn’t seem to care as she strolled to her car with her mom and her ridiculous cash money ensemble.