Miley on Liam Split: I’m Finally Happy

December 16, 2013 By:
Miley on Liam Split: I’m Finally Happy
Image By: ABC / Heidi Gutman

Every day since Miley Cyrus ended her engagement with Liam Hemsworth we have wondered if she is going to be okay.

Hahaha, just kidding, who cares! Oh wait, Barbara Walters does.

Yes, the very same Barbara Walters who once made OPRAH CRY has sat down with Miley Cyrus to make sure that she’s coping well after ending her TEENAGE ENGAGEMENT.

“It was so fun wearing a fat rock for a few years,” Miley told Barbara of her failed engagement. “But now, I just feel like I can actually be happy. I wait for those moments of silence, when I’m just at my house, by myself.”

Barbara was interviewing Miley for the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2013” special that she does every year.

Miley added that she overcame A LOT this year.

“I was so scared of ever being alone, and I think, conquering that fear, this year, was actually bigger than any other transition that I had, this entire year,” said the pop star. “I don’t ever want to have to need someone again, where you feel like, without them, you can’t be yourself.”

Miley also weighed in on how crazy it is to get engaged when you’re a teenager.

“I don’t think I realized what 19 truly is, and I got engaged at 19,” she lamented.

For the entire interview, which we PRAY doesn’t involve ANY twerking, watch the full episode on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.