Miley Cyrus Wears Lingerie For Ashton Kutcher on TAHM

September 25, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus Wears Lingerie For Ashton Kutcher on TAHM

Miley Cyrus tries to seduce Ashton Kutcher? We understand his appeal but WHAT!? Ohh, it was for an episode of “Two And A Half Men.” Good, I was worried...

Miley recently taped an episode of TAHM where she plays one of Walden’s (Ashton Kutcher’s characters) friend’s daughter. She apparently tries to seduce Walden but ends up falling for the ½ man. I mean, Jake (played by Angus T. Jones).

“She plays kind of a motormouth character,” says Jon Cryer, “So they gave her page-long monologues.”

Jon also said Miley was "remarkable" and "beautiful."

Miley’s character is named Missi and judging from the stills released from the show, it appears like Miley brought all her own wardrobe. We’re talking combat boots and short shorts.

Jon Cryer describes her character, “Missi is just coming to L.A. to see what it’s like to live out there and she stays with us for a few days and of course throws everything into disarray.”


Of course Miley’s favorite part of filming was working with Ashton Kutcher, in one scene it looks like he’s lathering her back in sunblock.

“@aplusk can’t wait till we’re working together

Is it weird that Miley’s last film role was in LOL where she played Demi Moore’s daughter and now she’s flirting with Demi’s estranged husband Ashton Kutcher on television?

Miley’s episode will air on October 17, 2012.