Miley Cyrus’ Sister Speaks Out About Her Wedding

August 1, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus’ Sister Speaks Out About Her Wedding

No one can confidently say they believe Miley Cyrus when she says her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is still on, considering all the wedding arrangements she has raved about for the summer of 2012 seem to have dissipated into thin air.

At the Do Something Awards yesterday, Miley’s 13-year-old sister Noah commented on the wedding, offering little insight on the nuptials. 

“I don’t think they’re planning yet,” she told E! News, adding, however that when it comes to being the maid of honor, she doesn’t just hope, but demands to be asked.

“I better!” she said. “It better be a very, very cool dress that I have because I want to rock a dress!”

In the wake of all the press surrounding Miley’s new look and sound, Noah supports her sister.

“I admire her for staying so strong, because she gets a lot of hate in the press and she’ll get a lot of rude comments, and I just admire her for staying strong,” she said. “Because I’ll get mean comments on Instagram or something like that and I take it straight to my head. She’s very good at staying strong.”