Miley Cyrus Is Shirtless In New Movie Clip

January 31, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Is Shirtless In New Movie Clip

Back when Miley Cyrus had hair, she made this movie called So Undercover where she plays a teenage private eye who goes undercover in a sorority house, it’s basically Miss Congeniality except not as good.

So anyways, Miley made this movie ages ago and it’s finally being released next week on DVD, but we have a clip from the movie and in that clip Miley is doing her #1 favorite thing in the world…which is not wearing a lot of clothes.

In the clip, Miley is undercover at the sorority house and for whatever reason; every single girl is in her bra and underwear. We went to college and sorority girls wore clothes, so we don’t know what this scene is trying to say.

Anyways, Miley’s being all Legally Blonde in the clip in nothing but a bra and booty shorts! Hey boys start lining up! Or not, this was pre-Miley’s-hot-Pilates-body, so we’re not super jealous.

The clip is silly, all the girls are talking about their dream life and each of them is like “My dream is to be on a reality show, and have a billion Twitter followers, and drive a pearl white Bentley” and Miley, being an undercover agent, is all like, “My dream is to have a GSR stainless steel with a black nitron finish.” She’s talking about a pistol, because she’s an undercover cop. Duh! That’s SO undercover.

Anyways, what do you think of the clip? It’s like Hannah Montana all grow’d up.