Miley Cyrus Pregnant Soon, Says Expert

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Miley Cyrus Pregnant Soon, Says Expert
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19 and pregnant? This might not be too far-fetched for Miley Cyrus’ future…at least, according to one relationship expert.

Patti Stanger—Bravo’s voice of reason when it comes to rich people relationships—is weighing in on the romance between the newly engaged “Can’t Be Tamed” singer and Liam Hemsworth. According to the “Millionaire Matchmaker,” we can expect babies soon, just not a lasting relationship.

Hollyscoop spoke with Stanger at Us Weekly’s Music Party with The Wanted, who predicts a pregnant Miley will grace us soon.

“They're young, it may not last forever but I definitely see babies in their future,” says Stanger.

The reason that Miley and Liam won’t last is a little unclear, but according to Stanger, it could spawn from his skyrocketing career and her lack thereof…

“You know, I really like this couple,” she says. “I just hope The Hunger Games stuff doesn't swell his head up because I think they're on good tracks.”

And—since we had her there—we had to ask: What’s the deal with Taylor Swift’s ever-changing relationship status? From the sounds of it, the country pop princess might be in over her head…

“Oh my God, get the girl into dating detox,” says Stanger.

Patti hinted that Tay Tay and Justin Bieber might make a good couple, seeing as both of their recent diaries seem to read relationship woes.

“Her and Bieber, I'll take into dating detox,” she says. “Let me coach the two of them then I'll get back to you.”

But despite Stanger’s suggestion, Justin seemed just as happy tagging along with his (ex)girlfriend Selena Gomez during the AMA after party.