Miley Cyrus Post Break-Up Vacation

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Miley Cyrus Post Break-Up Vacation
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Miley Cyrus is in crisis mode, you guys! She might be fiancé-less, she just got a scary looking tattoo, she is currently in a love-hate relationship with Twitter so naturally she has fled the toxic city of Los Angeles for the hot-as-h*ll terrain of Palm Desert.

Miley was snapped sitting by the pool involved in what looked like a very stressful phone call.

Of course she’s vacationing with her friends, to “get even” with Liam Hemsworth who jetted off to Australia to hang out with his bros without her.

Miley was joined by her trusty sidekick Cheyne Thomas who is a professional, “best friend” which is this thing in Hollywood where people just don’t do anything but hang out with famous people. Celebs always have these, like Lindsay’s former friend/assistant Gavin Doyle, or Justin Bieber’s friend Fredo.

Anyways, Miley was mostly just roaming around the pool, talking on the phone and showing off her hot bod. 

According to hanger-on Cheyne’s Twitter, Miley was in Palm Desert to celebrate the birthday of her friend Ryan Rottman who is also an actor. 

It should be noted that Miley is STILL not wearing her engagement ring. But according to her, the ring is still “in the shop, getting fixed,” like it’s a car or something.