Miley Cyrus: I Already Feel Married

September 25, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus: I Already Feel Married

Miley Cyrus and her 22-year-old hubby to be, Liam Hemsworth, are in “no rush” to get hitched, because they reportedly already feel married.

"I already feel married. I know we are forever. I don't need the paper right now," says Miley.

But doesn’t she want the pretty white dress to go with her “pretty” white hair?

Also, if Miley’s answer sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is. She’s been telling everyone lately how she’s in no rush to get hitched, further proving my conspiracy theory that this was all a big PR stunt for publicity. Case in point: Miley’s haircuts prior to the engagement = nobody cares, Miley’s haircuts after engagement: Haircut get’s it’s own Twitter account!

Miley wants to concentrate on her career for the next few months and just enjoy being engaged. Oh does she now?

"I don't know when we will get married yet. We are still enjoying being engaged. I've got so much planning to do with the tours and getting my record out. First I have my movie, then my record - then I'll do my wedding planning."

Wait, a movie? This is news to us…

According to IMDB, Miley has no new movies slated that she’s about to film. Interesting...

But, as for new music. That’s happening.

Miley recently told Billboard over the weekend, “I wanna make a sick record.”

So there you have it guys, Miley can’t get married yet, because she’s making a sick record.