Miley Cyrus Home Intruder Convicted of Trespassing

October 12, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus Home Intruder Convicted of Trespassing

The home intrusion case associated with Miley Cyrus is no joking matter.

The law is coming down hard on a man that was accused and charged with attempting to break into the private home of the LOL star last month. A Los Angeles Jury has convicted James Luis Rivera of trespassing.

According to TMZ, Rivera was convicted of both trespassing and running from police as of Thursday with a sentencing expected for Friday.

And, while Cyrus is convinced she can’t be tamed, the prowler certainly can be. Though he pled “not guilty” to the charges, he was ordered to stay 500 yards away from the songstress house following his arrest on September 8.

Mr. Rivera faces up to 18 months in the clink for his actions.

If you’re a little fuzzy on the details of this case, you may remember the prowler as the creepy bald dude that caught trying to hop the fence of Miley’s Studio City home wielding a pair of scissors. And we’re pretty sure he wasn’t planning to do arts and crafts with those things...

Lucky for Miley, though, she was not home when the incident went down.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, the incident looks like a pretty cut and dry stalker case.

At the time of the arrest Rivera told police, “I’m a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. Me and Miley have been friends for five years.”

This immediately struck officers as fishy, likely because – based on her Twitter account – Miley only hangs out with dogs and herself.