Miley Cyrus Hangs Out With Ex Nick Jonas Amidst Split Rumors

March 26, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Hangs Out With Ex Nick Jonas Amidst Split Rumors

Right in the midst of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s break-up rumors, Miley was spotted getting dinner with none other than, her former flame Nick Jonas!


Two Twitter stalkers fans spotted them at a restaurant in Toluca Lake called Patys last night. 

@SamyThor wrote, “Miley cyrus was at paty’s with nick Jonas like 10 mins ago. So cool.”

Then, another fan (who has since deleted her account) named @CourtneyJersey2 wrote at about the same time: “Omg miley cyrus ordered some food right in front of me!! Nick jonas was there too.”

Anyways, Oceanup has a photo of the two supposedly at the restaurant together, but in it, Miley’s wearing the black and white striped jumpsuit she wore on Friday to a Ryan Seacrest interview at the Children’s Hospital in Orange County.

OMG we’ve catalogued Miley’s wardrobe changes and appearances to memory. Wow, we need to get a life. Moving on.

So Miley’s wearing the same outfit, which is strange for her to repeat an ensemble, which makes us think Nick Jonas was also at the Ryan Seacrest interview and this is a photo of them from that event. That being said, a lengthy Google search (very scientific, we know) revealed that Nick was not interviewed in the OC by Seacrest ever on Friday…

…so what we’re trying to say is…Miley Cyrus went out last night to a restaurant with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas wearing the same outfit she wore last week.

Something is up, fans, what do you think? Are Miley and Liam done? Or is Miley just pals with her ex?