Miley Cyrus Calls Paparazzi the C-Word

September 5, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Calls Paparazzi the C-Word

You know that lyric in “We Can’t Stop” where Miley Cyrus sneers, It’s my mouth, I can say what I want to? Well, she wasn’t just singing, she really meant it. It’s a Miley life motto that applies to nearly every minute of her life, including exchanges with the paparazzi and tweeting—in this case, simultaneously.

Yesterday, after a scuffle with a paparazzo, Miley, a one-woman CNN, broke this story:

Displaying once again just how over the attention she’s getting lately, the 20-year-old took a break from entertaining the flocks of shutterbugs by covering her visage with a Chanel handbag when entering the studio yesterday.

She’s proud of her performance at the VMAs, which she proclaimed is a seminal part of awards show history.