Liam Hemsworth’s Lonely Arrival At LAX

March 21, 2013 By:
Liam Hemsworth’s Lonely Arrival At LAX

Liam Hemsworth has finally arrived in LA after a brief sabbatical in Australia where he tried to forget that he’s engaged to a woman who looks like Alvin from Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Well, he’s back and unfortunately for Liam, his bride-to-be Miley Cyrus did not rush to the airport to pick him up, instead Liam arrived solo and made a very sad exit from the terminal.

Liam wasn’t even surrounded by an entourage, he just walked out of the airport with a backpack on and a full beard and a heart full of sorrow.

It could be that Miley didn’t want to cause a paparazzi scene at the airport, but then again, when has Miley ever wanted to be low-key? Her favorite thing is to get attention. See her Twitter photos for evidence; it's like a selfie scrapbook.

And, it’s not like Miley was at home sulking and anxiously waiting for her beau to walk through the front doors. She was at the studio, working on her album, which we’re not sure even exists anymore.

Oh also, Miley was "busy" filming some twerking videos to the song “WOP” because that’s a super important use of her time. Oh, she was also wearing a unicorn onesie, because that’s normal.

However, People reported that Liam was heading straight to Miley's house from the airport according to a "source."

So now, only time will tell if Miley and Liam have stepped out together. If I were them, I’d get my a$$ to a froyo shop asap and hold hands and shine that engagement ring so everyone in the world (yes, world) will stop speculating about their breakup and if they can’t do that, then we can all confidently assume they are dunzo (yes, dunzo).