Everything You Missed at the VMAs

August 26, 2013 By:
Everything You Missed at the VMAs

The 2013 MTV VMAs came and went this year and like past years, it was full of jaw-dropping, WTF, and lol-worthy moments. Taylor Swift thought she was at a high school dance! Miley Cyrus needs to forget "ratchet" ever happened. The Will Smith family doesn't "get" Lady Gaga and *NSYNC is approaching middle age like a champ. Here's all the talking points you need to know, so you can drop VMA references at the office water cooler today, like a boss. 

1. Miley Cyrus wore flesh-colored underwear and did THIS to a large foam finger. 

2. Robin Thicke's wife probably wants to murder Miley now. 

3. The Pinkett-Smith clan looked like this while watching the Lady Gaga performance. 

4. Taylor Swift was everyone's fangirl. 

5. Lil Kim didn't understand how to present the award. 

6. *NSYNC reunited and it was epically underwhelming, except for when JC Chasez decided it was his turn to improvise some riffs. 

7. Lady Gaga should take her act to the damn museum. 

8. Justin Timberlake won the entire show. 

9. Harry Styles peeled an orange during Drake's performance. 

10. And lastly, Rihanna could not give less of a f*ck about anything.