Amanda Bynes Thinks Miley Cyrus is Pretty Now

June 13, 2013 By:
Amanda Bynes Thinks Miley Cyrus is Pretty Now
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Remember yesterday when Amanda Bynes decided that Miley Cyrus was “ugly” because Amanda ran out of photos of Drake to criticize?

Just kidding! Amanda Bynes totally loves Miley now because that’s what Amanda does. She hates on people, waits for her high to wear off, and then follows up a hate-tweet with something especially gushy.

Quick backstory: Yesterday Amanda called Miley “ugly,” totally unprovoked (mind you), and Miley responded by calling the situation “sad” and insinuated that Amanda was trying to piggyback on the fact that #MileyCyrus was a trending topic at the time, but honestly Amanda probably doesn’t even know what a trending topic is or how to be savvy on Twitter.

Now, Amanda changed her mind on Miley’s appearance, because you know, that’s what she does.

So, now that Amanda finds both Miley and Liam Hemsworth attractive, she has to direct her vitriol somewhere else and that poor unfortunate soul is Drake.

Amanda has posted 5 new tweets about how “ugly” Drake is since last night and has insisted that she would never “marry” him, because marrying Drake is clearly an option for her.