15 Best Celebrity Instagram Photos of 2012

December 30, 2012 By:
15 Best Celebrity Instagram Photos of 2012


This year, celebrities became their own best/worst paparazzi thanks to Instagram. Stars colored the mundane hours our own daily lives by documenting the hell out of their own…with filters! Let’s look back on this colorful yearbook and relive the moments we wish we spent with these celebs IRL.

1.    When Rihanna made it rain on a stripper

2.    When Miley Cyrus chopped her hair, introduced “The Miley” into the lexicon of salons all over

3.    When Justin Bieber showed off his abs when no one asked him to

4.    When Tyra Banks revealed she’s in fact not of this planet with her alien smize app

5.    Zac Efron and Rebel Wilson for helping us realize that in a perfect world they’d date

6.    When Wyclef Jean thought he was the guy from Old Spice

7.    When Kim Kardashian debuted Mercy (2012–2012), ultimately too cute for this world 

8.    When the first thing Anderson Cooper did when he came out of the closet was hold hands with Kathy Griffin 

9.    When Chris Brown continued to terrorize us, this time with ignorant costume choice

10.When Justin Bieber felt sad and let us be sad with him

11.When Kris Jenner asked us all to unfollow her with a nip slip

12.When Alison Pill showed us how to not post naked pics to social media correctly

13.When Miley Cyrus didn’t wear pants because she wanted to get it on with a ghost

14.When Rihanna made us wish we partied with her at Coachella

15.When Beyoncé merely joined Instagram, a momentous moment in and of itself