Oliver Stone: Michael Douglas' Health is Precarious

October 12, 2010 By:
Oliver Stone: Michael Douglas' Health is Precarious

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding comments made by director Oliver Stone regarding the health of Michael Douglas.

According to the AP when speaking with reporters in Berlin today, Stone said Douglas is currently in a “precarious” state of health. Douglas was scheduled to accompany Stone on the promotional tour in Europe, but was forced to remain in the U.S. for further cancer treatments.

Last week, we learned via Michael’s publicist that he had just finished his cancer treatments, but still had several upcoming weeks of recovery.

"Doctors were very pleased and have scheduled no more treatments," he said.

We’re happy to hear that Douglas finally has a break from chemotherapy and radiation, but Stone’s new comments about his “precarious” health state make us wonder if we don’t know the whole story. One friend told publication the Daily Express, "Michael is gaunt and fading fast. He is desperately weak from the chemo but you can see in his eyes that he's fighting this. It's not looking good now.”

A New York-based specialist Dr. Eric Braverman added that his chances of survival are “much more like 20 percent. He is likely to be depressed and tired. It is very possible he could die,” said the doctor.

We certainly hope that’s not the case, and wish Douglas and his family our support during this very difficult time.