Most Regrettable Celeb Hook-Ups

August 20, 2011 By:
Most Regrettable Celeb Hook-Ups

It's no wonder celebs like to stay hush-hush about their relationships, because every once in a while a high profile hook-up surfaces that I'm sure nobody wanted anyone to find out about.

The are the most regrettable hook-ups:

Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf: These two apparently hooked-up during the filming of "Transformers", according to Shia who blabbed to media that yes, he had hit that. Besides the fact that Megan Fox wins in a hotness fight against Shia Labeouf every time, I'm pretty sure Megan Fox was under the impression that their hook-up is one of those "let's never speak of it again" type-arrangements. So now that Fox is happily married, it's safe to assume she never wanted anyone to know she banged a hobbit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Beana: It what might be the understatement of the century, Arnold Schwarzenegger probably totally regrets sleeping with his housekeeper. 14 years ago Schwarzenegger knocked up Mildred Baena and we just found out about his love child in May. This is the affair from hell that came back to bite him in the ass 14 years later. I'm sure Schwarzenegger's love child is a great kid, but that hook-up cost him his marriage, career, and public image.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer: Really, every guy Taylor Swift hooks-up with is gonna regret it because it gives Taylor material to write about, so what does she do, she only ever writes songs about every single one of her relationships. Her song "Dear John" is obviously about John Mayer. While T-Swift saw it as a "relationship" we all know John saw it as a hook-up. Why John of all people? You could do so much better girl!

Snooki and The Situation: We all know these two made out in a hot-tub during season 1 of Jersey Shore, which was both a) gross and b) not unexpected. But now The Sitch is hinting that he and Snooks "kind of had sex" recently. Besides not know what it means to "kind of have sex," Snooki denied the allegations but we know it's true, because why would anyone claim to have sex with Snooki if they didn’t? Strangely enough, The Situation told Snooki, "I love you, I love you. If you didn't have a boyfriend it'd be different." From the constant need to do laundry, to the bizarro love pairings, nothing about this show makes sense to me.

Ashley Hebert and Bentley Williams: This douchebag Bentley appeared on the show in the hopes he'd be dating Emily Maynard and not Ashley Hebert. Bentley appeared like he was into Ashley but would turn to the show's cameras and say stuff like he'd "rather be swimming in pee than plan a wedding with Ashley." Poor clueless Ashley was so into Bentley she flew him back out to the show to get some closure with the dude not realizing Bentley left the show cause he couldn't stand her. Basically the show paid for Bentley to have a vacation in Hong Kong and make Ashley look like an idiot on TV. Oh well, she ended up with the bald dude anyways.

Pauly D and Deena: If were talking Jersey Shore hook-ups, Deena and Pauly D has to be the worst. On the first episode of Season 4, fan-favorite Pauly D swapped spit with grenade queen Deena. It was one of the sleaziest make-out sessions I've ever chosen to witness. It was like two snakes dueling. Not hot, unless you're into snake porn. While this may not be the "most regrettable" it's definitely the grossest, thereby making me regret every turning on the TV.