Megan Fox Reportedly Pregnant

April 24, 2012 By:
Megan Fox Reportedly Pregnant

Last month rumors surfaced that Megan Fox was pregnant, but as quickly as the rumors started, they fizzled just as fast.

Now, a source is confirming that Megan is definitely pregnant. Just as “definitely pregnant” as Drew Barrymore is.

A source very close to Megan Fox and hubby Brian Austin Green has confirmed to E! exclusively that the couple does indeed have a bun in the oven.

However, don’t look to photos of Megan to confirm, because she’s still as thin as ever. I’m going to guess that she’ll start showing her baby bump somewhere around “going into labor.”

Megan is already the stepmom to Green’s 10-year-old son, Kassius, and has always talked about wanting to have kids.

“I’ve always wanted kids. It’s just about the timing being right,” Megan recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “I have a number in my mind of what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child’s future. And really protect it, so that kid never struggles. Once I feel safe with that then I’ll have them.”

Megan must have babies on the mind, she also recently told Cosmo magazine, “I want a least two, probably three [kids]. I’ve always been maternal.”

Megan Fox and maternal are two words I wouldn’t expect to be in the same sentence ever. Usually, it’s more along the lines of Megan Fox/Maxim Magazine, Megan Fox/Marilyn Monroe Tattoo, Megan Fox/Mega Hot…but Megan Fox/Maternal? Sure, why not.

Last month, a different source confirmed the same story to RadarOnline, “They just found out and are incredible excited. It’s still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members.”

Reps for both Fox and Green haven't yet responded to our request for comment.