Megan Fox: Olsen Twins Are Socially Awkward

August 31, 2010 By:
Megan Fox: Olsen Twins Are Socially Awkward

Megan Fox loooooves running her mouth, and most of them time she's bashing people without even realizing how insulting she's being.

Her latest target? Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

Megan recalls meeting the girls when she was younger and thinking how socially awkward they were. “They’re nice girls,” Megan said. “The first time I had ever been around someone really famous was them. We were kids, I was about 15 and so were they.

“I saw how awkward socially they were with large groups of people because they had been famous their whole lives and looked at their whole lives and I didn’t understand why anyone would be like that.

“I had no understanding about why you would shut down and be afraid and have phobias, but as it happens to you you sort of develop them and become crazy.”

If you became an international celebrity at 9 months and a self made billionaire while you were still in diapers, you'd be a little socially awkward too. This girl has no sensor. Just stop talking Megan! Just stand there and look pretty.