Megan Fox: My Comment About 'Unattractive Girls' Was Distorted

March 30, 2012 By:
Megan Fox: My Comment About 'Unattractive Girls' Was Distorted

Megan Fox was quoted as saying, “I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl,” earlier this week.

Now, she’s taken to Facebook to defend herself, writing:
“The actual comment, the context and it's intention are grossly distorted and misrepresented here.”

Uh, okay. So what was the actual comment? And more importantly, who cares? You’re sexy and you know it. And we know that you know it.

“I gave this interview in English obviously, it was then translated to French and now back into English,” Megan wrote on her Facebook page.

“I’ve never made vapid self serving comments and in contradiction am uncontrollably self deprecating.”

Meanwhile, Megan’s profile picture is her wearing what appears to be a bathing suit, with her lips slightly parted in that ‘go ahead, sex me’ face. Nearly all of my guy Facebook friends also ‘like’ her page.

But yeah, you can totally tell she hates herself.
Earlier this month, Megan talked to MIAMI magazine about her feelings of insecurity as a teenager.

“I was never the pretty girl,” Megan said. She also called herself “obnoxious” and “abrasive.”

Meanwhile, Megan is allegedly pregnant.

“They just found out and are incredibly excited," a source close to the couple told RadarOnline. "It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members.”

Fox once told The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve always wanted kids. It’s just about the timing being right. I have a number in my mind of what amount of money I want in the bank so that I can protect that child's future. And really protect it, so that kid never struggles. Once I feel safe with that then I'll have them."