Why Madonna’s Daughter Stopped Talking to Her

June 21, 2013 By:
Why Madonna’s Daughter Stopped Talking to Her

The unthinkable has happened. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, at the ripe old age of 16, has finally cast her mother out of her life.

In a new revealing interview with "Good Morning America," one of the most scandalous interview programs in THE WORLD, Madonna revealed how her daughter is pulling away from her.

“Ever since my daughter got an iPhone she stopped talking to me,” says Queen Madge.

She’s just like every other person in the world with an iPhone. Nobody talks to anybody anymore when there are Instagram photos (and now videos) to look at! Don't talk to me! Someone I went to college with just uploaded a photo of sushi and I need to look at this!

Madonna continued her sad lament over her children’s wasted youth.

“Seeing my daughter at 16 – it's kind of uncomfortable. She’s still my little girl and she’s also a woman.”

Oh, and her son, Rocco, who we thought was eternally 10-years-old, is now “a foot taller” with facial hair and is “looking at girl’s butts.”