Lindsay's House Gets Broken Into

May 13, 2009 By:
Lindsay's House Gets Broken Into

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity victim to have her home burglarized. Lindsay had her house broken into yesterday afternoon, but luckily she wasn't home at the time.

At around 3pm, law enforcement agents responded to an alarm system that was set off at Lindsay's house. When they arrived the house looked like it had been ransacked.

According to TMZ, there were pry marks on the back door and tampering with the back window.

After a brief investigation, it turns out her house wasn't actually ransacked at all, "it was just messy."

A police officer said: “It was an attempted burglary. No property was taken. There was evidence that someone tried to get in her house, but there's no evidence that they actually got inside or removed any of her property.”

We're not sure whether we're more surprised that Lindsay's house was a complete mess or that Lindsay's actually still owns a house. She's certainly been having a lot of financial problems lately.

After she moved out of ex Samantha Ronson's house, she reportedly started shacking up with her little sister Ali. But than again, Lindsay and stability don't really go hand and hand.

The LAPD will launch a full-blown investigation in regards to the break in. The "person of interest" is said to be a man who has been stalking Lindsay for years. More details coming soon!