Lindsay Lowdown: Plea Deals, Hookups and Her Bad Teeth

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Lindsay Lowdown: Plea Deals, Hookups and Her Bad Teeth
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Because Lindsay Lohan’s becoming increasingly harder to keep up with, we’ve decided to check in from time to time, to keep you up-to-date with all the drama.

Here’s a rundown of what’s going on so far this week…

Plea Deal: Because nothing else she does makes a whole lot of sense in this spiraling actress’ career, she apparently refused a plea deal that would keep her out of prison—This according to TMZ.

Lindsay’s PCH car accident case where she reportedly lied to police is in court right now. If you don’t remember that one, she crashed her Porsche when she wasn’t supposed to be driving, then claimed to be in the passenger's seat. 

Apparently the only person that believes Lindsay, though, is Lindsay. The case goes to trial February 27th.

Still Banging The Wanted: The redheaded star posted a photo on her Instagram where she shares the frame with Max George of The Wanted.

The couple has been rumored to have had a fling recently, where Lindsay supposedly stowed away on the UK band’s tour bus.

In this new photo, posted on Monday, the pair poses together in a London hotel room—oh, wait… I forgot to tell you she’s in London. They crouch awkwardly next to a bed.

Fans came to George’s social media defense with overprotective and desperate comments on the photo:

“You are not good news for max, keep your coke addiction and dangerous lifestyle away from him.”

Nasty Mouth: Brooke Hogan’s pro wrestler fiancé, Bully “Bubba” Ray, is making headlines. But don’t worry about the fact that you’ve never heard of him. Worry instead about LiLo’s bad teeth.

According to him, they’re pretty awful. But, regardless… He’d really like to party with her