Lindsay Lowdown: Abandoned By Lawyers and Boyfriends

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Lindsay Lowdown: Abandoned By Lawyers and Boyfriends
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Because of your undying need to keep up-to-date with the modern day Elizabeth Taylor story that is Lindsay Lohan’s life, here’s what is going on today...

Dropped by Shawn, For Realz: Lindsay’s longtime legal gladiator, Shawn Holley, who has continued to defy the odds by saving the unappreciative actress from jail time and time again, has finally said enough is enough.

From TMZ: Despite Lindsay’s pleas to keep her on her team, Holley is signing the final paperwork to withdraw from the case prior to Lindsay’s hearing on January 30th for lying to the cops following an accident on PCH.

Instead, Lindz will be stuck with the representation of Mark Heller, who is not licensed to practice law in the state of California.

Dead Man’s Chest: Because her name is “Lindsay Lohan,” she’s able to cause drama even in a dead guy’s life.

“Rip HL forever in mine and "matty's" heart (s) xxL,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

She was apparently referring to Heath Ledger (and his daughter), whom she reportedly was hooking up with at one point or another. 

Lindsay Who?: Max George, who was recently pictured with Lindsay in a hotel room, has denied that he is in a relationship with her.

“I'm not so you're fine!:)," he tweeted at a fan who said they would die if he dated her.

This, of course, is no different from Max’s usual stance of: NO WAY IN HELL AM I HITTING THAT!

'I Don't Do Anything That Can’t Be Fixed in Post': Reportedly, the reason that Lindsay turned down the “Dancing With The Stars” deal is because she can’t handle live TV.

The report is consistent with her move to pull out of the Barbara Walters interview at the last minute.