Lindsay Lohan Tells Half-Sister: 'Good Luck With My Dad'

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Lindsay Lohan Tells Half-Sister: 'Good Luck With My Dad'
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Lindsay Lohan did a rare thing last night…she went on a talk show.

Despite bailing on the much buzzed about “20/20” interview with Barbara Walters (more on that later) Lindsay actually showed up to an interview (on time and everything!) on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and dished on everything from her half-sister, why she doesn’t regret being a child star, and what she’d do if Tim Tebow wanted to sleep with her. Yeah, it went there.

Jay started off the interview by telling Lindsay, “Each time you come here, you’re always in the news.”

So that got Lindsay on the defensive RIGHT AWAY.

He asked her why she canceled the Barbara Walters interview and Lindsay just said, “The timing just wasn’t right, right now,” as if she didn’t just bail on what would have been Barbara’s highest rated episode of the year.

But then Lindsay added, like it was nothing, “It’s all good. I spoke to the people that she works with and everything, so…”

And that was the end of that.

Jay got into other hot topics before they could talk about the stupid stuff like, Liz Taylor’s fur shawl and Honey Boo Boo. 

Jay asked Lindsay what she thought about the news that she had a new half-sister, to which Lindsay replied, “I guess I could give her one word of advice. Good luck with my dad.”

Jay also tried to get Lindsay to essentially answer the question, “what happened to your career? Remember when you were a talented child star?” so instead he asked, do you ever regret going into the business at a young age?

Here’s Lindsay’s confusing mess of an answer: “I think I had to step back and kind of take myself out of everything and kind of get my head straight and kind of focus on what it is I wanted to do...You know, you get caught up in everything. It's important to kind of find yourself and keep yourself through that."

As for the Tim Tebow question…Jay showed Lindsay a tabloid article that alleged that Lindsay stole Tim’s virginity.

“That’s great for him,” Lindsay said with a sly smile.

Oh and in case you were wondering what the photo is at the top, that’s Lindsay at the Beverly Hills premiere for “Liz & Dick” last night.

So yes, that’s what she wore. Yes, those are rubies hanging from her cleavage.