Lindsay Lohan Might Have Attacked That Woman After All

April 12, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan Might Have Attacked That Woman After All

But…she told us she was at home. Watching 'Homeland'. Did she…lie to us?

Lindsay Lohan is still being accused of attacking a woman, Marisa Dugas, who has filed an incident report with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Hotel employees said they didn't see anything and Lindsay's rep said she was at home watching 'Homeland,' And yeah, it sounded like a sketchy explanation ('uh, she was at home. Watching…home…land?' But we went ahead and gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, it looks like Lindsay might have kicked some woman's ass after all. An employee at The Standard hotel's Smoke and Mirrors (ha) tells TMZ he saw the whole incident go down.

Basically, Lindsay was sitting with a table of friends. Marisa sat down near them and started talking to one of the guys. Then people in Lindsay's group started throwing ice at her. Marisa didn't take kindly to that, and a whole fight broke out, which Lindsay was a part of. The employee says he even helped break up the fight.

While there are no pictures that have surfaced of Lindsay at the Standard on Thursday night, the employee says there's a surveillence video showing the back of the hotel, where Lindsay pulled in and left.

The employee has already spoken with cops and apparently, the hotel management is refusing to hand over that surveillance tape to authorities. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has requested the tape three times.

Detectives are still investigating.