Lindsay Lo-Down: Dog Dies, Friend Arrested

April 4, 2013 By:
Lindsay Lo-Down: Dog Dies, Friend Arrested
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It just really sucks to be Lindsay Lohan. Just really really sucks. Lindsay has returned to NY, and by that we mean her mom’s house in Long Island, and found out that her family dog has died AND her BFF/"lover"/personal financier Vikram Chatwal has been arrested.

The Dog Days: Lindsay’s long-term canine companion Gucci, passed away on Tuesday at about the same time Lindsay was showing off her bruised legs on the beaches of Brazil.

Because Lindsay’s mom Dina didn’t have the heart to tell Lindsay while she was “working” and ruin her vacation “work,” Dina kept the dog’s corpse at the house until today so Lindsay could say her good-byes to the beloved pet.

Yes, they kept a dead dog at the house for two days. Just process that, America.

“She’s now at home with her mom, sister Ali and the dead dog they have yet to cremate. They are all crying and wanted Lindsay to say good-bye,” a source close to the Lohan’s told Confidenti@l.

This is just another bit of bad news for the already troubled starlet. Damn, mercury must be in retrograde or something.

Vikram Bust: Lindsay's former lover, hotelier bestie, and Dream Hotel owner Vikram Chatwal has just been arrested at a Florida aiport for drug trafficking and possession. He had 6 grams of heroin and other drugs like cocaine, weed, and a grip of prescription drugs that he admitted he illegally purchased the drugs.

Poor Lindsay, how is she going to get into the Dream hotel now?

Lindsay Is Trashy: In related news (not related at all actually, just needed a segue) some artist named Jason Mecier has just created a giant portrait of Lindsay, compiled entirely out of trash.

Poor Lindsay, not even art about her can be made without it getting trashy.

Some of the items used to make the mosaic include alcohol bottles, tabloid pages, 13 bullet shells, 29 cigarette butts, handcuffs, and prescription bottles.

How fitting.