Lindsay Denies Fling With Chace Crawford

February 18, 2009 By:
Lindsay Denies Fling With Chace Crawford

Lindsay Lohan should have known better than to have stopped by Chace Crawford's apartment at 6AM in the morning.

There are only two reasons why she would have made a pit stop that early in the morning. One is for a booty call, and the second one we won't mention. But it's clear as day.

Lindsay, Chace and Emile Hirsch were all spotted partying at New York City restaurant Southern Hospitality earlier that same night. Lohan was later filmed by paparazzi at Crawford's apartment building in the early hours of Monday morning.

Now that she's back in LA, Lohan is blasting reports that she hooked up with Chace insisting they're "just friends."

She says, "It's not true. I am happy with Samantha. Chace is a mutual friend of ours. It was just a bunch of people hanging out, nothing more. I'm back home with my girl now."

We smell something fishy. Who visits a friend at 6AM after spending the night partying with them? What do you think went down in that apartment?