From Lindsay to Taylor: Top 5 Hollywood Girls Turned Wild Child

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From Lindsay to Taylor: Top 5 Hollywood Girls Turned Wild Child

The wild child. You know ‘em. The typical wild child is that girl at your high school who used to have blonde hair and played in the marching band and then overnight died her hair black and wore safety pins on her sleeves and always got sent home for being stoned.

They have those in Hollywood too. Except Hollywood wild-child’s get DUI’s and stumble out of Hollywood clubs in the middle of the morning only to be greeting by the flashing bulbs of TMZ’s paparazzi crew.

Here are the Top 5 Hollywood Wild Childs who are still stuck in their bad girl phrase and those former angry girls recently reformed.

Taylor Momsen: Former "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen grew up on the upper east side (Well on TV at least) so really what does she have to rebel about? Never seen without raccoon eyes (what I call it when a girl goes overboard on the smoky-eye look), flaunting side boob and acting like her parents ruined her life; she is THE wild child of the younger generation. Her band The Pretty Reckless is a band that was created so emo high school kids could feel sorrow for themselves, boasting lyrics like, “You make me wanna die, I’ll never be good enough.” Oh please Taylor Momsen, you were on the greatest show the CW ever made.

Evan Rachel Wood: Rachel Wood has never done anything outrageously wrong; she's more like a slow-burning bad girl. She used to be a good child actress, and suddenly turned into a poor mans version of a Goth chick. First offense was being the home wrecker in Marilyn Manson's relationship with Dita Von Teese. Second Offense was dating Marilyn Manson. Third offense was appearing in his music video “Heart-Shaped Glasses” while having sex covered in blood with 20 years her senior, Manson. Triple yuck.

Kelly Osbourne: Although Kelly is now the glamorous fashionista we've come to known her as; she first entered the reality scene as the angst punk rock daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly was a legit wild child, unlike the other wannabe grrr-girls, Kelly suffered from severe drug addiction and had reason to be angry. With her constant cursing and jet black hair, Kelly has transformed into a blonde bombshell and the only ridiculous things you’ll hear out of her mouth anymore is on “Fashion Police.”

Lindsay Lohan: Remember when Lindsay Lohan was that cute little girl in “The Parent Trap”? Yah, me neither. Lindsay Lohan’s introduction to her wild child persona began in 2007 when she got two DUI’s and three trips to rehab. Then she started doing coke, was a low-key lesbian for a second, and basically just stopped making movies to party professionally. All that being said, “Mean Girls” is still every girl and gay guys favorite movie.

Nicole Richie: Nicole kind of broke onto the scene as a wild child. So we never really knew what innocent Nicole was like. She’s had two DUI’s, one in 2003 including heroin possession and again 2006 where she admitted she was high on vicodin. And then she went through her socialite partying skinny phase, got in a fight with Paris Hilton, and then somehow emerged as this ultra cool boho chic hippie girl. She had a baby, got married and now she’s this totally demure Hollywood mom type.