Liam Asks Miley for the Ring Back

August 28, 2013 By:
Liam Asks Miley for the Ring Back

Liam Hemsworth saw Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance and was like “awww, hell naw, that ain’t my wife!” and then asked to be unengaged from her.

Okay, we have no idea why Liam wants to end the engagement, but either way, they aren’t planning on getting married anymore and Liam actually asked for the ring back.

It’s pretty symbolic that he doesn’t want her to wear the ring anymore. He doesn’t want anyone to look at her left hand and know that he’s attached to her. FREE AGENT BRO!

“They’re trying to make it work without a wedding, but there’s a battle over Miley’s rock, which she refuses to give up,” a source tells OK!, “they want a monogamous relationship with no wedding.”

So basically, they’re back to being boyfriend and girlfriend, but that doesn't mean the turmoil has ended. Liam is afraid to leave her because he doesn’t want to deal with the press of a breakup!

Yeah, we give them two more months tops.